SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXIII – Berlin Festival of Lights

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Festival of Lights

During our bike tour, our guide Neil mentioned that we were lucky to be in Berlin over that weekend as it was Berlin’s Festival of Lights. During the festival, many buildings around the city would be lighted up with special designs.

It was already dark by the time we came out from DDR Museum and the Festival of Lights was about to begin. Berliner Dom, opposite where DDR Museum is, was already lighted up.

First design

Second design

We didn’t hang around Berliner Dom for long and decided to walk around to see other displays. How we wished that we had a bicycle with us.

Palais am Festungsgraben

Back at Bebelsplatz

Someone identify the painting please

Show’s starting in a few minutes at Hotel Adlon

Kinda meh

Brandenburg Gate was a different story.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

We were surprised to see that Reichstag didn’t have any special display. Nevertheless it was still beautiful at night.


While making our way to the metro station, we noticed that there was a group of people (believed to be Syrians) who were protesting for their refugee status.

Hunger strike

Sadly most people were more interested in the lights than to their plights.


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