SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXV – Topographie des Terrors

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Topographie des Terrors

Neil, our guide from the cycling tour, highly recommended us to visit Topographie des Terrors, a history museum built on the former sites of Gestapo and SS Headquarters.

To get there, we took S-Bahn to Postdamer Platz and walked.

Postdamer Platz

There were both outdoor and indoor exhibits and despite the cold, we spent quite a fair bit of time looking at the outdoor photos and write-ups.

Outdoor exhibition

Outdoor exhibition

Images from 1930s

Images from 1930s

Rise of Nazis

Rise of Nazis

Nazi propaganda

Nazi propaganda

Book burning

Book burning

Plan of the original buildings

After we were done with the outdoor exhibition, we headed indoor.

Topographie des Terrors

Indoctrination starts young

Persecution of non-Germans

Nazi leadership

Woman got her head shaved because she was in a relationship with a non-German

Hitler’s address


Cool pic

Despite the heavy topic, I enjoyed my visit to Topographie des Terrors. It is important to learn from mistakes made in the past and the Germans certainly do a good job to ensure that their future generations are aware of their history, regardless whether it is pleasant or not.


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