SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXVII – Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer and Mauer Park Flea Market

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Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer or Berlin Wall Memorial was another recommendation by our bicycle tour guide Neil and we would visit it on our final day in Berlin. To get there, we would need to take S-Bahn to Nordbahnhof and took a short walk to the documentation center.

Map of the Memorial

There were a few photographs about Berliners’ reaction to the Wall.

Protest against the Wall

It happened that there was a screening of a 30-minute documentary (in English) about the Wall. We caught the last 10 minute of it before heading out to the outdoor memorial.

Bernauer Straße, where the outdoor memorial was located, had an interesting history. The Allied powers divided Berlin after the war and one side of the street belonged to the French while the other side came under the Soviet sector. When Berlin Wall was erected in 1961, it ran along the street.

The houses that were located on the Soviet side of the street were forcibly taken over by the East German border guards and the occupants had to leave them. Many East Germans would attempt to escape to the West through Bernauer Straße. After the wall fell, a large part of the the former wall became an outdoor memorial and sections of it walls remained as exhibit along the street.

Outdoor memorial

Portraits of those who died trying to cross the Berlin Wall

Photograph of construction of the wall

There was a viewing platform which was several stories-high on the other side of the road and sadly the elevator was out of order on that day. However, one could have a good view of a preserved section of the Berlin Wall.

From top of picture – inner wall, watch tower, no man’s land and outer wall

On Bernauer_Straße also stood Kapelle der Versöhnung or Chapel of Reconciliation. The old church was torn down by the East German authorities back in the 1980s and a new one was built on the site after in the 1990s.

Chapel of Reconciliation

Unique architecture – inner oval made of clay and outer oval made up of wooden columns



There were photograph exhibits around the memorial and the content was pretty interesting.

Bricking the window

Escape stories

Photographs on the building

Evolution of the street over time

Conrad Schumann escaping to the West

Although Conrad Schumann escaped from East Germany in 1961, he suffered from depression in his later life and committed suicide in 1998.

Bernauer Straße Station used to be closed

Bernauer Straße Station reintegrated into Berlin’s transport network now

We were done with the memorial by then. Since we were in the vicinity of the Mauer Park Flea Market , we decided to visit it as well. It is only open on Sundays and there are many items on sale, useful or otherwise.

Buskers near the entrance

Rather crowded

Rather crowded

Rather crowded

Wheels for sale

It was the last place that we visited in Berlin. We had a quick lunch there, took the tram back to our accommodation to collect our bags before heading to Berlin Hbf for our train to Prague.


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