SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXXI – Prague Castle view, Center room

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Prague Castle View

The first thing that we did after arrival at Praha hl. n. was to find the Citibank ATM to get some Czech Koruna (1 SGD = 14.74 Kč). With sufficient cash in our hands, we followed the instructions from our Airbnb host Homero and headed to the tram stop.

Praha hl. n. tram stop – we had to pass through a dimly-lit park to get there. Bought our tickets (32 Kč each) from the kiosk in the picture.

As per his instruction, we took tram 26 to the next stop and alighted. However, the same tram changed its number from 26 to 3 and it left us very confused. We could have stayed on the same tram and reached our destination. So when the next tram 26 came, we made sure that it changed its number to 3 before we boarded.

The next tram

Line 3

We alighted at Vyton station and reached our host’s apartment building after a short two-minutes walk. We buzzed the intercom and soon Homero came down to greet us. His apartment was at the top floor and thankfully there was an elevator. However the elevator was too small to fit all of us and our bags so Homero sent us up while he took the stairs.

The elevator turned out to be slower than Homero. Both of us were pretty amused when he opened the lift door for us at the top floor.

He welcomed us into his house and showed us our room.

Prague Castle View – as promised in Airbnb’s description


As seen from the window’s side

The only Airbnb place this trip that came with a TV – we had to choose between it and the heater as there was only one electrical outlet on that side of the wall

Homero took some time to share with us what we could in Prague the next day. He suggested a nice eating place and asked us to consider to join a free walking tour.

After telling him that we would like to self-cater, he informed us that there was a Tesco round the corner from his apartment. We didn’t see much of our host for the rest of the trip as he was busy working on a project. However he was a friendly chap and tried to be as helpful as possible.

By the way it was good to know that shops stay open on Sundays in Czech Republic. Perhaps it was the only good thing that came out of Communist rule.

After dinner, Ying went to the bathroom and attempted to shower but there was no hot water. Apparently there was some issue with the water heater and we had to spend the night unwashed. Hot water returned the following morning though and it worked fine for rest of our stay.

Next morning, we woke up to the fantastic view:-

View of Prague Castle in day time

Cozy kitchen – where we had our breakfast

For 58 USD per night, the room was great value. The tram station was very close and it was only a few stops away from Staré Město (Prague’s Old Town). Both of us enjoyed the fantastic castle view and our stay there.

However, as the apartment was very old (probably more than hundred years old), I was worried that the house could fall apart if I accidentally slammed the doors too hard. So one has to be careful when handling stuff around the house.


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