SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXXIV – Random Prague

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This post will feature interesting things in Prague that we saw but didn’t feature in the earlier posts.

Please clean up after your dogs

I suppose that providing free trash bag (with cardboard scoop) was more cost-efficient than spending money on cleaning up the poo.

Pretty manhole cover

Roast pork anyone?

All in a day’s work – posing with female Asian tourist

My interpretation: Some bad guy is going after girl with funny hat

I totally didn’t see the sticker on the sign until writing this blog…

No cycling like Tour de France cyclists

Lovely horse cart

Beggar on Charles Bridge – the dog seemed to be too well-fed to be belonged to a beggar…

History of Trdelnik

Trdelnik owes its origin to Walachians who moved in 14th to 17th century from Romania to land of the crown of Bohemia, bringing with them an old time recipe for this traditional pastry. According to the original formula, unleavened dough was rolled on a cylinder of beech or oak wood called trdlo (from which comes the word ‘trdelnik’) and baked over fire or charcoal until the sweet smell of trdelnik filled the whole room. To enhance its taste and flavor even more, the finished baked product is covered with nuts, plum jam or honey.

Seen near Intercontinental – not quite sure how to interpret it

Lennon Wall – Happy Birthday Larry!

Did you know that Bata originate in Czech Republic?

Escalator at Mustek Metro Station – reminded me of Moscow metro stations where escalator rides take several minutes


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