SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXXVI – U2 2582 PRG-MXP

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U2 2582 PRG-MXP

Flight: easyJet U2 2582
Depart: Prague (PRG) – 12:30
Arrive: Milan Malpensa (MXP) – 13:55
Duration: 1h25m
Distance: 402 miles
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Registration: G-EZIR
Seat: 17 F

After boarding, I quickly settled down into my window seat 17F.

Tight leg room

Seat pocket content

View from 17F – crew were Italians

Once the plane started taxi-ing I got to spot more planes.




I haven’t heard of Travel Service before (OK-TVD)

Another U2: G-EZDA


Advertisement by Czech Tourism

Bye Czech Republic

The pilot made the announcements first in Italian followed by English. He provided the route for today:-

Prague – Left of Munich – Salzburg – Innsbruck – Bolzano – Verona – Brescia – Bergamo – Milan

easyjet’s in-flight magazine Traveller was a surprising good read.

Bright ideas

Cocktail wizard

Munich (I think)

There was a period of minor turbulence.


Luckily it cleared out soon. The crew made one round of BOB sales after the turbulence cleared.


BOB menu

The view outside the window became amazing as we flew over the Alps. Funnily we saw none of them in our time in Switzerland due to poor weather.



It was green again after the Alps. Italy would be next new country for me.

Reaching Milan


Touch down

We arrived at MXP T2 15 minutes late. MXP T2 is a budget terminal used by easyJet only.

Parked beside another easyJet A319

For the incredibly low price (€44 with one checked bag), we had no complaint for the service. It got us from point A to B without fuss and we wouldn’t mind flying with easyJet again.

There was an unexpected long walk between the gates and the baggage belts. It took us almost 15 minutes to walk between them. That must be a world record.


… and walking…

… and walking…

… and walking…



As seen in the earlier picture, there were kiosks which sold tickets for shuttle service to central Milan. There were two operators who were selling the tickets at the same price.

Buying shuttle bus ticket

We chose Malpensa Shuttle. One-way trip cost €10 and we found the bus to be leaving soon.

Malpensa Shuttle

Turned out that we were the last to get up and we had to sit separately. I got the middle seat in the last row.

Inside Malpensa Shuttle

Surprisingly the wi-fi worked as advertised. It took us almost an hour to reach Milan Centrale.

Inside Centrale Station

From there, we would make our way to our accommodation for the night.


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