SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XL – Banchi

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148 Via Colombo – entrance to our accommodation Banchi

Riomaggiore is a small town and it didn’t take us long to find Banchi on Via Colombo (<10 minute walk from train station). We booked it on for €65, a pretty decent rate for the touristy Cinque Terre.

Via Colombo

To reach the rooms, one had to climb up the rather scary stairs to level 3. A lady was cleaning the rooms when we arrived and she got Barbara, the manager, to speak to us on her phone. The room would be ready in a while and we were invited to wait at the terrace on top floor. Barbara would drop by later in the evening to collect the payment from us.

Waiting for the room. But first, let me crush some candies.

Once the room was ready, the cleaning lady came up to the terrace to inform us. We got a nice clean room and the toilet seemed to be recently renovated. It didn’t seem to have air-conditioning though so it might get warm during summer. Not an issue for us though on a cool autumn evening.


Bathroom – pretty modern

We would meet Barbara later in the evening to make our payment (after our excursion to the various villages of Cinque Terre). She was friendly and gave us some suggestions to have dinner.

It could get a little noisy in the evening as the window faced the street but being a small town, the bars would close by 12 midnight.

In all, we were happy with our stay at Banchi and would recommend it to those looking for a decent place to stay in Cinque Terre.


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