SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XLI – Afternoon in Cinque Terre

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Riomaggiore – as seen in Wolf of Wall Street

After resting for a while, we headed out into the warm Italian sun again. Food was our first priority and there was a place opposite our accommodation which sells seafood (€5 for one cone). Never one to reject seafood, Ying and I had a cone each.

Fish & chips and shrimps & calamari

With lunch out of the way, we walked towards the harbor.

Walking towards the harbor

Riomaggiore harbor

I thought that I saw the same place in a scene of Wolf of Wall Street.

Leo DiCarpio in Italy – Source: Method Studios

Riomaggiore harbor

Mediterranean Sea

Boats for rent


Travel between the villages in Cinque Terre was heavily reliant on the trains. After Riomaggiore, we decided to take the train for Vernazza. Coming from the north, it is the second village after Monterosso al Mare.

Whenever a train reached a station, the village would be immediately flooded with visitors. The sight wasn’t pretty and we likened it to the opening of hell’s gate.

Walking from train station to Vernazza’s harbor

Vernazza harbor

Very dangerous to swim

Gelato to combat the heat

Some church we ended up in after following the tourist horde

The sheer number of tourists and the heat made me quite irritable. We decided to escape them by going up some stairs above the train station.

Climbing up

Vernazza train station

Turned out that it was the trail to Monterosso.

This way to Monterosso

We quickly ran out of things to do/see in Vernazza and the train wouldn’t arrive until quite some time later. Ying suggested that we hiked to the next town Corniglia. Challenged accepted.

Corniglia ->

Bye Vernazza

There was a check for Cinque Terre Card near this flag


The distance between the two villages was 4km and We stopped regularly for breaks..



Shagged out

Don’t worry, the above photographs were staged. Our reward for the hike was the awesome scenery and the tranquility without the horde of tourists.

Is it Corniglia?

I think so

Oh yeah we are near!

An hour and a half later we reached Corniglia. The hike was probably the most enjoyable part of the trip to Cinque Terre.

No heels please


We walked into the town, thinking that the train station was located somewhere inside.

Statue of skinny man

It turned out that the train station was somewhere else and we turned back after reaching some terrace overlooking the sea.

PRC tourists everywhere

We managed to find out from other tourists where the station was; it was located on the foot of the cliff and another 15 to 20 minutes’ walk away. We elected to wait for the shuttle service which was included in the price of our Cinque Terre Card.

Despite the hot day earlier, it got really chilly while we were waiting for the shuttle bus. We had to put back on the layers that we had taken off during the hike.

The shuttle bus took around five minutes to reach the train station.

Corniglia Station

By then it was close to sunset and the color was beautiful. Since it was already late, we decided to skip Manarola and went back straight to Riomaggiore.


Sunset @ Corniglia

Sunset @ Corniglia

Train back to Riomaggiore

We felt human again after showering and headed out for dinner. We randomly chose Il Grottino, located down Via Colombo. Service was friendly enough.

Trattoria La Grotta

I had swordfish and Ying had pasta which looked like worms.



The meal came out to be €42 for the two of us (inclusive of cover charges and drinks) which was rather expensive. The food was not bad but it didn’t feel really value-for-money.

While Ying rested, I spent the evening reading the novel The Shoemaker’s Wife. It was a page turner and I stayed up late to finish it. Thought that it was quite apt to read this book in Italy since it was about Italian emigration and their struggles in America.


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