SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XLII – Back in Milan

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The next morning we retraced our way back to Milan.

Walkway between Riomaggiore village and train station

We would need to take a train to Monterosso first (€2,10).

Unlike the day before, it was cloudy

DVD on the 2011 floods on sale

Train: Trenitalia Intercity 35401
Depart: Milan Centrale – 10:52
Arrive: Monterosso – 13:50
Duration: 2h58m
Distance: ~240 km

There were two middle-aged couples sharing the compartment with us: one of them were from Canada and were traveling onwards to Venice while the other pair hailed from Australia and would be getting off at Genoa. They were very interesting to chat to and time passed quickly in the conversations.

Some pictures along the way:-

Ligurian countryside

Somewhere near Genoa

We arrived in Milan to find out that there would be a transportation strike starting that night. Damn! Like in Kerala, strike was never too far away from us.

Striked out again

As the strike situation was unknown, we decided to do our shopping by today. After putting our bags down at our accommodation (not Richard’s), we were on our way out to Milan’s main shopping area – Quadrilatero della moda.

We went to Prada at Corso Venezia where I picked up the purse that my friend wanted. Then we went to Longchamp to get a bag for my colleague. Finally Ying went to H&M and Zara; she would do all her shopping at the three-stories high Zara Women.

Along Corso Vittoria Emanuele II


After we were done with our shopping, we headed back to Navigli (near we were staying). We reached our station five minutes before the strike began.

Counting down to strike

The Navigli area had many bars offering aperitivo, something like happy hour. For €10, one could get a drink and free-flow finger food. As usual we randomly chose StraRipa, which was filled with locals from the outside.

StraRipa Bar

Not a bad crowd

Our food

Tucking in

Live music

We were happy with the value that we got there and headed back to our accommodation satisfied.

Since public transportation status was uncertain, we had a late start the next day. We just walked around with nothing planned.

Quiet Navigli in the day

Canals were dry

Metro was closed

Breakfast was cupcake and coffee (€4,50) at a random cafe.



Ying wouldn’t want to leave Italy without another dose of Grom and we walked to the outlet at Porta di Ticinese 20 minutes away.






We walked around the area for a while before having lunch at Dogana del Buongusto.

Dogana del Buongusto

Dining area



Fish with pasta

Veal with dough(?)

While I like my fish, Ying didn’t like the accompaniment very much. She complained the dough tasted like pig’s skin. The cost of the meal added up to €32 for the two of us.

After the meal, we would make our way slowly (~30 minutes’ walk) to Milan Cardona Station where we would catch Malpensa Express to MXP.


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