SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXXVIII – Duomo, Grom & Da Puccini

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Duomo, Milan, Italy

After leaving our bags at Richard’s, we took a tram to Duomo.

Milanese train


Statue in front of Duomo

Duomo’s entrance was heavily guarded. I wouldn’t want to mess with the security.

Security check

We left the inside of the cathedral after a quick tour. Our main purpose was to visit terraces (access is on the right of the building) instead. It cost €7 to take the 250-steps stairs and €12 to use the lift. Being misers strong and healthy, we chose the former.


Going up

Halfway mark

Taking photo


So underwhelmed that I was yawning

We discovered that the elevator didn’t take one all the way to the top; there was still several flights of stairs to climb. I was sure that those who paid €5 more would feel ripped off.

Need to overcome these flight of stairs to reach the terrace

After 250 steps, we finally reached the terrace. Like our accommodation, it was underwhelming as most of the area was out-of-bounds. Only a small portion was open for visitors. I thought that there would be more impressive stuff to see for €7,



Despite the complaints, the view wasn’t bad.

View from Duomo terrace

View from Duomo terrace

We spent some time hanging around the terrace before going down. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is located next door and I helped a friend to check out some Prada purse. The color that she wanted wasn’t available there but it was available at San Babila. I would go there two days later to get it for her.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Ying had checked that Grom has an outlet nearby and we set off to find it. She fall in love with it when she visited Italy in 2011 and I had tasted it in Shinjuku.

We somehow stumbled onto it without realizing but we thought that we deserved some good fortune after a rather disappointing day.

Queuing up

Fan girl satisfied with Grom gelato (€2,50)

After having the gelato, we walked in the general direction of Sforza Castle.

Flags for Expo 2015

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Seeing Garibaldi’s statue reminded me of the following joke (heard on a Taiwanese variety show):-

Q. Which three books are the thinnest in the world?

A. An British cook book, a German joke book and a book on modern-day Italian heroes.

Giuseppe Garibaldi was probably the last Italian hero.

Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle

It was already nightfall when we reached and the castle was closed for the day. The next order of the day was to find dinner and we found ours at Da Puccini.

Da Puccini


The place seemed kinda fancy and the prices matched it. Italian restaurants came with a compulsory cover charge which added to the cost of our meal.

We ordered two dishes: seafood fusilli and calzone. The fusilli was especially flavorful but the calzone turned out to be lackluster.

Seafood fusilli – hit

Calzone – miss

Inside of calzone – seemed to be too watery

The total cost of the meal (inclusive of cover charges) came to be €34, easily one of our most expensive meals for the trip and one hit out of two dishes wasn’t good enough. We went back to our accommodation full but not entirely satisfied.

Duomo at night – shot taken on the way back to accommodation

So far Milan and Italy had been disappointing. Could our next destination Cinque Terre redeem my perception of the country?


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