SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XXXVIV – Train to Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Card

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Cinque Terre

Visiting Cinque Terre was Ying’s idea. She had seen pictures of these villages on the Italian Riviera and it wasn’t hard to convince me to check it out.

We set off early from our accommodation and after a tram and metro ride we found ourselves back in Milan Centrale.

Arriving at Milan Centrale

The station was built during Mussolini’s time and the architecture reflected the Fascist nature of his regime.

Inside Milan Centrale

Inside Milan Centrale

We had booked our return tickets online from Trenitalia for €18 per person. It was fantastic value, considering we traveled around 250km each way.

After grabbing a quick breakfast of croissant and coffee, we went to locate the platform of our train.

Searching for our train

Platform 15

Not long after we boarded, the train departed on time. Quite un-Italian.

Inside the train

Train: Trenitalia Intercity 35401
Depart: Milan Centrale – 08:10
Arrive: Monterosso – 11:18
Duration: 3h8m
Distance: ~240 km

We shared the compartment with an Italian man and an elderly lady until Genoa. They got into a stereotypical Italian conversation full of gesticulating and facial expressions and it was quite amusing observing that.

After Genoa, our train hugged the Mediterranean coast all the way till Monterosso al Mare, the first of the five villages (from west) which made up Cinque Terre.

Arriving in Monterosso

Apparently many tourists had the same idea as us and alighted at Monterosso as well.

To get around Cinque Terre, one could get Cinque Terre card. It entitled one to hiking on the trails and admission to certain attractions in Cinque Terre. We got the one that came with unlimited train rides for one day (€12). The two-day version costs €23.

Counter where Cinque Terre cards are sold

Cinque Terre cards

We had quite some time until the next train towards Riomaggiore, where our accommodation was located. So we took the time to take a look at Monterosso. It was a hot (yeah that’s right) and cloudless day and we were glad to shed our jackets.


Crowded seafront

Waiting for our train to Riomaggiore at platform

The train to Riomaggiore was a local one and it wasn’t really comfortable. It was stuffy inside the train but luckily the trip took less than 20 minutes.

Local train to Riomaggiore


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