SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XLV – Malpensa Express

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Milan Cadorna Station

Milan Cadorna Station is one of the two termini in central Milan where Malpensa Express operates from (the other being Centrale),

Street artist outside station

Ticket counter for Malpensa Express

We bought our tickets (€10) from the ticket machine instead. There was a gantry that we needed to pass through but we could still exit on the other side.

One could still enter the platform without having tickets – so much for restricted access


Swiss had an aggressive advertisement campaign in Milan.

Singapore via LX

NYC via LX

BKK via LX

LX ad

The trains from Milan Cadorna to MXP run every half an hour.

Malpensa Express

Shortly after departure, a conductor came around to check for tickets. As Malpensa Express is a dedicated airport train service, there is plenty of space for luggage. We would reach MXP T1 29 minutes later.

Arrival at MXP


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