SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XLVIII – LX 178 ZRH – SIN

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Me too

We arrived at ZRH’s Dock A (for flights within Schengen area) and walked through a series of shops to get to the immigration. Ying stopped en-route at Lindt to get more chocolates.

Dock A

After passing through immigration and getting stamped out of Schengen area, we took the Skymetro to Dock E.

Heading for Skymetro

Transfer counters unmanned

The Swiss certainly know how to run an airport. There were many shops to occupy transit passengers and we checked out the gift shop.

Your kids would love a Swiss costume, no?

Switzerland t-shirts

Water bottle with Swiss flags


I checked out the Swatch watch seen in the Swiss’s duty-free catalogue.

10% cheaper on-board – I would buy it later

Near to our gate there was a rack full of magazines (German only though). Not sure if they were complimentary or otherwise.


We also witnessed something creepy at our gate; a trolley moving by itself.

Trolley moving by itself until it stopped

Not sure what happened. Someone must have pushed it but we didn’t see him/her.

Parked nearby: Oman Air’s A330

HB-JMC, the plane which would be bringing me home

Flight: Swiss International Airlines LX 179
Depart: Zurich (ZRH) – 22:45
Arrive: Singapore (SIN) – 17:10 (+1)
Duration: 12h25m
Distance: 6409 miles (10314 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A340-300
Registration: HB-JMC (Basel)
Seat: 41 A

View from 41A

Seat pocket content – note the additional barf bag

The captain spoke in German, English and French and informed the passengers of the route:-

Black Sea – Caspian Sea – Afghanistan – India – Singapore

Like the SIN-ZRH flight, meals were served soon after taking off.

I chose the vegetarian option

Mushroom pasta – decent

Ying’s rice with shrimps

Something unpleasant happened during the collection of the meal trays. The crew (whom we shall call Ms B) was receiving the tray from Ying when she accidentally dropped the utensils onto Ying’s lap. The fork then fall to the ground and Ying instinctively tried to retrieve it under her seat.

Although it was Ms B’s mistake, she just stood there without offering any napkins or assistance. She did mouth a soft ‘sorry’ but her expressions suggested otherwise. She became impatient and wanted to continue with her tray collection as Ying took quite some time to retrieve the fork in the tight space. She might have thank Ying when the fork was returned but both of us were by then pretty shocked with her rudeness.

After confirming with Ying what exactly happened (yes it was Ms B who dropped the utensils), I stopped another cabin crew for a comment card and she got the cabin manager to speak to us. After listening to us, she agreed that Ms B’s attitude was unacceptable. Ms B came by later to apologize but it didn’t come across to us as sincere at all.

I would send in a feedback about the incident to Swiss’s customer service and attached the image of the Swiss advertisement at our departure gate in ZRH.

Ms B clearly received the memo

Swiss’s customer service did reply:-

Dear Mr. Chong,

We refer to your feedback dated 19th October 2013 with regards to the unpleasant flight experience you had on board our flight LX178 / 18October 2013 from Zurich to Singapore.

Your comments on the in-flight service had been forwarded to the inflight department for improvement in customer service. As a SWISS passenger, we want you to feel comfortable on our flights. We are very sorry that we have disappointed you in this instance and apologies for the attitude of the crew you have noted. Please be assured that we do not discriminate our passengers as it is our endeavour to treat all our passengers on equal terms. We thank you for your valuable feedback that will certainly help us to identify areas of shortcomings in our service performance.

We look forward to welcoming both of you on board one of our flights in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Christina D
Customer Service

I replied and asked about the exact actions that the inflight department intends to take.

Dear Mr. Chong,

Thank you for your reply dated 23rd October 2013.

According to the Crew Management, the case had been sent to the Team Leader of Ms B. The Team Leader had addressed the issue with her personally but they will not disclose the details as it is personal and confidential issues. She will be attending staff training programs again to improve on her customer service.

Once again, we would like to apologies most sincerely for this standard of service.

Yours sincerely

Christina D
Customer Service

I also shared my experience on Flyertalk and it attracted a fair bit of comments. Some LX fanboys didn’t seem to take my feedback too kindly though.

Back to the flight. After the meal service was over, I wanted to purchase the Swatch watch. It took some time before a cabin crew responded to our call and ironically it was Ms B who was in charge. We did our purchase in cash with our remaining CHFs and went back to our movies/sleep afterwards.

Breakfast was served around 4pm SG time. No drama this time round.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with potatoes and broccoli

While flying over the Malay peninsula, I could identify some of the Malaysian islands in South China Sea.



Tioman? Not exactly sure what this island is though

As usual, the cabin crew distributed the pre-arrival chocolates before landing.


Somewhere over eastern Johor

Batam I think. Not entire sure though



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