SWISSbuckling to Europe Pt XLVIV – Epilogue

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To sum up our trip, Ying and I decided to list our Top 9 experiences (not in any order of merit):-

1. Getting a lift from a stranger on our first day in Zürich.

We couldn’t find our way to the Lindt shop and Marcel kindly offered us a ride there!

2. Verkehrhaus der Schweiz

Informative yet fun

3. Glacier Express

Glacier Express is da bomb!

4. Lovely evening chat and dinner with Bettina and Christian

Awesome Airbnb hosts in Liechtenstein

5. Steigl fan tour

Not a real tour per se but we enjoyed ourselves trying to get to Steiglbrauerei

6. Cycling around Berlin with Fat Tire

Our guide Neil sharing some cool facts with us

7. Walking along Berlin Wall murals

Our deadly love for Berlin…

8. Eating the Mustafa’s kebab at Julie/Basti’s after a cold and rainy night

Best kebab ever!

9. Grom

Milan would be a real disaster without it

While we didn’t rank our top experiences, we actually ranked the places that we stayed in.

1. Lovely Guest Room for 2 in the Alps – Eschen, Liechtenstein
2. BnB 10 Min from Airport Zürich – Zürich, Switzerland
3. Bright & Central //Friedrichshain// – Berlin, Germany
4. Prague Castle view, Center room – Prague, Czech Republic
5. Banchi – Riomaggiore, Italy
6. Motel One Mirabell Salzburg – Salzburg, Austria
7. casa amichevole in centro-NAVIGLIO – Milan, Italy
8. Wonderful Room in nice Apartment Meiringen – Meiringen, Switzerland
9. 300 yr. old Courtyard Central Milan – Milan, Italy

Thank you for reading!


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