Hanoiiiii Pt II: SIN-KUL-HAN

Pt I: Introduction [Planning]
Pt II: SIN-KUL-HAN [Flights]
Pt III: Essence Palace Hotel [Accommodation]
Pt IV: Hanoi Sights [Sightseeing]
Pt V: Eating in Hanoi [Dining]
Pt VI: Bloom Microventures Tour [Activity]
Pt VII: HAN-KUL-SIN [Flights]
Pt VIII: Epilogue [Review]

Malaysia Airlines’ first flight out of SIN departs at the ungodly time of 6.40am and it meant that we had to be up by 4.30am. My dad offered to give us a ride to the airport and we arrived at Changi Airport T2 slightly after 5am.

MH 602 one of the first flights out of T2

It was comforting seeing the T2’s mechanical FIDS still in operation. No queue at the counters and we got our boarding passes in no time.

MH check-in counters

Boarding passes

Christmas-themed decoration

We grabbed some breakfast at the T2 air-side food court. Sadly, the overpriced bak chor mee had too much vinegar.

For the first time in my memory, I got a bus gate at SIN.

Gate F51

Can’t help but wonder if this was part of Malaysia Airlines’ cost cutting measures?

Holding area

Waiting for the driver

Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH 602
Depart: Singapore (SIN) – 6:40
Arrive: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 7:40
Duration: 1h0m
Distance: 184 miles (296 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: 9M-MXN
Seat: 9F

I got settled down in my seat (9F) and Ying had 9D. No one took 9E.

Selamat Datang

I realized that inflight sales magazine was no longer in the seat pocket.

Seat pocket content

We took off at around 7am, 20 minute past scheduled time.

Mood lighting for take-off

We’re flying over Johor already

Short hop to KUL

Like my previous experience on MH 602, peanuts and drinks were offered.


With no headphone, the IFE was of limited use. I just flipped through the inflight magazine.

Article on Peruvian cuisine

Funny ad from Digi

MH fleet info

Very soon we descended into KUL.

Landing soon

It was a long taxi to the terminal.

KUL Satellite Terminal

How many MH logos were there in the picture?

KLIA wasn’t the most exciting airport but luckily there was free wifi. We spent most of the time connecting with the world and were amongst the last few to board.

KLIA Terminal M

KLIA Terminal M

Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH 752
Depart: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 9:45
Arrive: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 12:10
Duration: 3h25m
Distance: 1307 miles (2103 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: 9M-MSC
Seat: 6A

We used the same tactic of choosing the window and the aisle; the middle seat remained empty again.

View from 6A


Pushing back

Headphones were distributed

The person in front of me reclined the seat and the crew didn’t make him put the seat up before taking off.

Safety breach

Our flight path was over Putrajaya and I had a good view of it.



Hi Najib

The middle seat’s screen was permanently switched to flight information.

Leaving KUL

My movie of the flight was Stand by Me Doraemon. An entertaining 90 minutes on the plane.


Over South China Sea

The crew came around to distribute the meals and we could choose between omelet and nasi lemak. Both of us went for the Asian breakfast.

Breakfast in Jan 2015

Breakfast in March 2014

It was clearly downsized from last year’s. No bun, yogurt or fruits. Nasi lemak was still yummy though.

MHgourmet advertisement – why provide for free when you can charge for it

Green fields

Beautiful sky

After Doraemon, I managed to squeeze in two more shows before the headphones were collected.

One of the things that annoyed me was the unnecessary amount of advertisement before each movie/video. Probably wasted five minutes every time I began a new show.


Malaysian foodie show – 一日五餐

After around three hours, we were approaching Hanoi.

Approaching Hanoi

Looked like a driving school

Landing soon

VN planes in hangar

HAN’s former international terminal – now used only for domestic flights

Noi Bai Airport’s new international terminal – opened only in Dec 2014

New terminal with EVA Air’s MD-90 in foreground

Thanks for the ride

The new airport terminal was definitely much better than the previous one. There was not much queue at the immigration although our flight coincided with the arrival of KE flight from ICN.

Luggage belt

We exchanged 100 USD for 2,132,000 VND at the moneychangers located at the arrivals area (turn left after passing customs). I had arranged the car with Hanoi Transfer Service and we spotted a guy holding a sign with my name on it after we exchanged the money.

The car used was a pretty new Honda Civic.

Car transfer

It went by the six-lane expressway between the airport and Hanoi until after the new Nhật Tân Bridge.

Nhật Tân Bridge, inaugurated on 4 January 2015

It was a smooth ride and Ying was very happy about it. She suffered from motion sickness on her previous trip and vomited at the end of her ride from the ride. The new expressway definitely helped and total transfer from airport to our hotel in the Old Quarter took us around 45 minutes in total.


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