Hanoiiiii Pt VII: HAN-KUL-SIN

Pt I: Introduction [Planning]
Pt II: SIN-KUL-HAN [Flights]
Pt III: Essence Palace Hotel [Accommodation]
Pt IV: Hanoi Sights [Sightseeing]
Pt V: Eating in Hanoi [Dining]
Pt VI: Bloom Microventures Tour [Activity]
Pt VII: HAN-KUL-SIN [Flights]
Pt VIII: Epilogue [Review]

After three nights in Hanoi, we headed back to Singapore the same way we came from. First up was the taxi ride to Noi Bai airport.

New bridge

Seemed expensive to park at the airport

The international flights depart from Terminal 2, the brand new terminal which was opened in Dec 2014.


Felt like we were in HKG instead of HAN


Long queue at MH check-in counters

It seemed that there would be more passengers than our outbound flight to Hanoi. Luckily the middle seat between Ying and I would remain vacant.


Wefies before immigration

The air-side was even more impressive.


This terminal was perfect for spotting with clear windows from floor to ceiling.

SQ B772

KE B739

CI A333

Even the toilet has great views

While the duty-free shops were open, most of the restaurants weren’t.

Duty free

Burger King


We weren’t eligible for any lounge access so we could only take pictures of the cutouts.

The Vietnam Airlines cutout looked to real

Less real ones

The gate for our flight was 31 and I could see that it would be a full-ish flight.

Gate 31

Fellow passengers

The inbound plane arrived on time

Spotted this Rega Air Ambulance – What was it doing in Hanoi?

Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH 753
Depart: Hanoi (HAN) – 13:10
Arrive: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 17:40
Duration: 3h30m
Distance: 1307 miles (2103 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: 9M-MLL
Seat: 6A

We were amongst the last to board and to my disappointment this plane didn’t have any IFE! Good thing was the middle seat was free again.

Gonna be painful

Dropdown screen only activated for safety video


Goodbye Hanoi

Deja vu – the person in front of me reclined her seat before/during take-off and the crew failed to spot it again

Over Vietnamese countryside

Fish with rice – decent but portion was rather meagre

After the meal, I got a kick on my left elbow. Noticed that I had another passenger who insisted on putting his legs up. Had to call a crew for help and Ying observed that the crew seemed annoyed with my request.

Without IFE, the main entertainment was to look out of the window.



Forest fire?

Took a picture of the aircraft after going to washroom

I was glad when the flight landed at KUL on-time. We were docked at Gate G4 and I thought that the same plane would take us back to SIN later that evening.

We would spend most of our time at Old Town White Coffee where we had an early dinner.

Rice and toast

And finally the last leg of the journey.

Gate G4

Happy that 9M-MLL wasn’t my plane

Ying was very amused when the gate agent sneezed a few times when she was calling for passengers for boarding on our flight.

9M-MXU instead

Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH 607
Depart: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 19:30
Arrive: Singapore (SIN) – 20:30
Duration: 1h0m
Distance: 184 miles (296 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: 9M-MXU
Seat: 6F

Our luck ran out finally on the last flight. There would be a passenger in 6E and Ying swapped seat with him.

View from 6F

At least there was IFE

Service was the same as the outbound; a packet of peanuts and a (plastic) glass of orange juice.

Flight map

Sunset – reminded me of Gardens by the Bay

Landing soon – seemed that we were flying over Straits of Malacca for most of the journey

Thank you MH for the cheap trip to Hanoi!


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