Hanoiiiii Pt VIII: Epilogue

Pt I: Introduction [Planning]
Pt II: SIN-KUL-HAN [Flights]
Pt III: Essence Palace Hotel [Accommodation]
Pt IV: Hanoi Sights [Sightseeing]
Pt V: Eating in Hanoi [Dining]
Pt VI: Bloom Microventures Tour [Activity]
Pt VII: HAN-KUL-SIN [Flights]
Pt VIII: Epilogue [Review]

My Thoughts

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines’ relatively new Boeing 737-800 was pretty good hardware-wise. I got those with IFE for three out of our four flights this time round and there were more than enough content to occupy me for the KUL-HAN sector. Shame that we got a plane without IFE on the return from HAN.

The effects of cost cutting could be seen quite evidently. Inflight shopping catalogs were gone (to save fuel?) and the food provided shrank in both portion and variety. And I wondered the use of bus gate at SIN had anything to do with cost cutting too.

The morale of the crew weren’t really high either. The feeling that I got from my flights was that they were just getting their job done. The fact that the crew didn’t notice that seats were not upright before take-offs proved that passion were really lacking.

The future of Malaysia Airlines didn’t seem bright to me. It would take a lot more reforms to revive the airline’s fortune again.



It was great to visit Hanoi again after five years. While the rainy weather was annoying, the great food and the interesting tour with Bloom Microventures had more than made up for it.

Noi Bai Airport’s Terminal 2 was a pleasant surprise. I had remembered the old one (now domestic terminal) to be quite basic and lacking any good dining/shopping options. If Vietnam steps up its game in terms of airport management, Changi might have another regional rival airport to contend with in the future.


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