Kebabs, Kalamari & Koshary Pt III: Transnasional

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Upon on arrival at Melaka Sentral, we decided to buy our onward bus tickets to KLIA on 8 Feb. It took us some time before we located the Transnasional counters and our ticket would cost 26.50 MYR.

Counter 10 and 11 at Melaka Sentral

Two days later, my cousin dropped us at Melaka Sentral shortly before the bus’s scheduled departure at 4pm. There were several Transnasional departures and we made sure that we got onto the right bus.

This didn’t turn out to be our bus

The bus has an very interesting seat layout and this is the first time I have seen layout like this. We got the last couple seats on the left side.

Transnasional bus  layout

Transnasional bus layout

For the first an hour or so, we took the trunk route leading up to the Simpat Empat exit of the expressway. However, the bus had to make a detour to pick up one more passenger at A’Famosa Resort Hotel and we ended up getting stuck in the heavy traffic on route M10 for more than an hour.

The holiday crowd at A’Famosa Resort was probably the reason why a minor road like this was jammed up. Things were not looking too good on the expressway as well with heavy traffic expected for a large stretch ahead.

With the help of a fellow passenger who was also worried about missing her flight, I tried to communicate to the driver that we could take an alternative route which according to Google Maps was faster. He insisted that his routing would be the optimal and there was one more passenger to be picked up at Simpang Empat toll entrance.

It was already 6+pm by the time we entered the expressway and as predicted by Google Maps, we hit heavy traffic somewhere after Pedas Linggi. Took us an hour to clear a stretch that should take only 20 minutes in normal conditions and the drive took so long that even the driver had to go for a quick toilet break after we cleared the bad stretch.

It was already after 8pm when we rolled into KLIA, more than 4 hours after departing from Melaka Sentral. Normally it should take around 2.5 hours to cover the distance. On hindsight, Transtar’s direct service between Melaka Sentral and KLIA (no stop at A’Famosa) might be a better choice for us.

We had to scupper our original plan to visit Mitsui Outlet Park and just hanged out for the airport waiting for check-in to open…


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