SWISSbuckling to Europe [5 – 18 Oct 2013]


Pt I: Prologue [Planning]

Pt II: Chance encounter on LX 179 [Transportation]
Pt III: Getting our Swiss Passes [Transportation]
Pt IV: BnB 10 Min from Airport Zürich [Accommodation]
Pt V: Day in Zürich [Sights]
Pt VI: Morning in Lucerne [Sights]
Pt VII: Verkehrhaus der Schweiz [Sights]
Pt VIII: Wonderful Room in nice Apartment Meiringen [Accommodation]
Pt IX: Sherlock & Aareschlucht [Sights]
Pt X: Brienzersee & Meringue [Sights]
Pt XI: From Meiringen to Eschen via Glacier Express [Transportation]

Pt XII: Lovely Guest Room for 2 in the Alps [Accommodation]
Pt XIII: Vaduz [Sights]

Pt XIV: Railjet RJ 569 [Transportation]
Pt XV: Motel One Mirabell Salzburg & Dinner at PitterKeller [Accommodation & Dining]
Pt XVI: Salzburg Altstadt [Sights]
Pt XVII: Hangar-7 & Steiglbrauerei [Sights]

Pt XVIII: City Night Line to Berlin [Transportation]
Pt XIX: Berlin WelcomeCard [Transportation]
Pt XX: Bright & Central //Friedrichshain// [Accommodation]
Pt XXI: Fat Tire Bike Tours [Activity/Sights]
Pt XXII: DDR Museum [Sights]
Pt XXIII: Berlin Festival of Lights [Sights]
Pt XXIV: East Side Gallery [Sights]
Pt XXV: Topographie des Terrors [Sights]
Pt XXVI: Jüdisches Museum Berlin [Sights]
Pt XXVII: Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer and Mauer Park Flea Market [Sights]
Pt XXVIII: Food of Berlin [Dining]
Pt XXVIV: Random Berlin [Sights]

Czech Republic
Pt XXX: EC 379 Berlin to Prague [Transportation]
Pt XXXI: Prague Castle view, Center room [Accommodation]
Pt XXXII: Prague Free Tour [Sights]
Pt XXXIII: Wandering around Prague [Sights]
Pt XXXIV: Random Prague [Sights]
Pt XXXV: Getting to PRG and Visit to Erste Premier Lounge [Transportation]

Pt XXXVI: U2 2582 PRG-MXP [Transportation]
Pt XXXVII: 300 yr. old Courtyard Central Milan [Accommodation]
Pt XXXVIII: Duomo, Grom & Da Puccini [Sights & Dining]
Pt XXXVIV: Train to Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Card [Transportation]
Pt XL: Banchi, Riomaggiore [Accommodation]
Pt XLI: Afternoon in Cinque Terre [Sights]
Pt XLII: Back in Milan [Sights]
Pt XLIII: casa amichevole in centro-NAVIGLIO [Accommodation]
Pt XLIV: Random Milan [Sights]

Going Home
Pt XLV: Malpensa Express [Transportation]
Pt XLVI: Tax refund and MXP [Transportation]
Pt XLVII: LX 1637 MXP – ZRH [Transportation]
Pt XLVIII: LX 178 ZRH – SIN [Transportation]

Pt XLVIV: Epilogue [Review]


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